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We’re a short, simple 15-minute or less drive away from 90% of anyone in the Birmingham metro area. 

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Use It Before You Lose It!

We proudly accept payment from your HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) charge cards. Just swipe it at our Point-of-Sale machine like any other credit or debit card!

Retail Means Insurance Pays You Back.

Many of the items we sell in our store are routinely covered by Medicare and/or your private insurance health plans. Seeking reimbursement for retail purchases of covered items is a remarkably simple and straightforward process. In most* cases you’ll simply need a prescription, your receipt, and the reimbursement form from your health plan. We’ll fill out the form with you, assemble the claim, and put it in a pre-addressed envelope with postage. All you’ll need to do is drop it in the mailbox outside our storefront on your way out the door.

Convenient Payment.

We accept all convenient forms of payment including cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and even your electronic phone payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay. If your card has the contactless RFID payment feature, you’ll not even need to touch our point-of-sale machine.

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Everything You Need. Now.

There is no other store like ours in Alabama. Unless otherwise shown as “Special-Order”, the items listed below are ALWAYS IN STOCK and ready for you to come see it in-person and try out with your own hands. We are intimately familiar with every item in our medical supply store and can help you make a wise, responsible, and well-informed decision about your purchase of home medical equipment and supplies.

Rollators & Folding Walkers
From ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty/bariatric and upright walkers always available, in-stock. Multiple color variations available
Searching for a wheelchair? You’ve come to the right place. We offer standard wheelchairs (18”-24”). Lightweight, heavy duty bariatric and transport wheelchairs. Take it home today.
Seat-Lift Assist Recliner Chairs
Trouble standing from your seat? Our stylish leather and fabric upholstered seat-lift chairs come with heat, massage and USB charging ports.
Knee Scooters
Recovering from ankle/foot surgery/injury? No need to lay up in the bed for 3 days while you wait on your Amazon scooter. We already have them so you can get rolling TODAY.
CPAP Machines
We carry bedside CPAP machines like the Respironics Dreamstation and Transcend Mini travel CPAP.
CPAP Sanitizers
Are you sanitizing your CPAP machine regularly? A filthy CPAP and keep you sick and feeling awful. SoClean II and ProClean CPAP sanitizers available to take home with you today.
CPAP Supplies
CPAP Masks, Hose, Tubing, Chinstraps, Cleaning Wipes and much more!
Nebulizers & Supplies
So many various types of machines in stock! Nebulizer Compressors otherwise known as breathing machines, tubing, travel bags and circuits.
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
We're the only supplier in the State of Alabama that keeps portable oxygen concentrators IN STOCK. As few as 4.7lbs and up to 6 liters per minute of continuous flow, a portable oxygen concentrator wears in a bag over your shoulder and can give you up to 13 hours of battery-powered portable oxygen therapy for doctor's appointments, grocery, shopping, and dining out. Come by the store today to see it, feel it, hear it, hang it on your shoulder, and bring home with you today.
Oxygen Supplies
Oxygen supplies are supplementary components for your oxygen concentrators and therapy. Whether it’s cannulas, or 25’ or 50’ or oxygen extension tubing, to adapters, O2 tubing connectors, mask, filters and so much more. We have over 40 years experience in providing oxygen. Come by or call us today.
Bedside Commodes
We have a great selection of portable commodes, raised toilet seats and adjustable height bedside commodes. You choose the features that accommodate user specific needs.
Bedside Table
These bedside tables are so convenient! Features adjustable height and lockable casters. Rolls right underneath almost any bed frame. Makes eating and other various activities so much easier right in the comfort of your own bed.
Bathroom Safety
Our selection of bathroom safety includes; shower and bath chairs, with or without arms or backs, tub/shower transfer benches, toilet safety rails/frames and raised toilet seat risers.
Electric Scooters
Promoting Independent Living is what we do best. Our electric scooters are ready to roll out the door in either the very popular 3-Wheel or 4-wheel versions, available in red white or blue. Stop by and try them out.
Ankle & Foot Immobilizers Walking Boots
Foot & Ankle Immobilizers available in short and tall (knee-high) styles and with or without air bladders for adjusting fit. Get relief from ankle discomfort, lace up splints, wrap splints, neoprene, AFO’s.
Aids to Daily Living
Promoting safe and secure independent living… aids to daily living is a must. Items include; reachers, dining utensils, shoehorns, patient gowns, reusable chair and bed pads. Urinals (male and female) grab bars, and chair and bed alarm pads, ring cushions, cast and bandage protectors, and much more…
Wound Care Supplies
We offer a variety of wound care supplies for pressure ulcers, sores, surgical wounds, cuts and burns. Our line includes hydrocolloid dressings, gauze, gels, sheeting, bandages, paste and more. Mepilex, Duoderm, and Medihoney.
Intermittent Catheters
Cure Medical Catheters are made free of cancer causing materials commonly used in manufacturing catheters. Cuda-tip, straight tip, male, female, various lengths, lubricated, discreet, closed systems, and much more available and in stock!
Ostomy Supplies
Our Ostomy, Colostomy, Urostomy and Ileostomy, supplies include; barriers, 1 & 2 piece pouches, closed end pouches, barriers with flange, barrier rings, stomahesive paste, deodorizers and more. Hollister, Coloplast and ConvaTec. Need them shipped? Call us today.
Incontinence Diapers
All sizes and styles including bariatric, an array of absorbancy needed. Our Briefs, pads, underwear, and pull-ups are always in stock. Need them shipped? No problem. Give us a call.
Knee Braces
Whether it’s a knee sprain, arthritis, torn ACL or runner’s knee, support is essential to relieve discomfort. The injury will dictate the type of brace needed. Knee Immobilizer, knee sleeves, compression wrap a rounds, and open patella braces are available and ready to fit and take home.
Wrist Braces
Our wrist supports help provide relief from symptoms associated with carpal tunnel, strains, sprains and other wrist injuries. Like Cockup splints, Thumb Spica, and Boxer Splints.
Orthopedic Soft Goods
Orthopedic soft goods include; Neck, back, legs or seating cushions, bed wedges, and mattress toppers, are just a few of the items we have to ease your pain and make you comfortable. Shipping is available. Call us today.
Incentive Spirometers
Prevent Lung problems with an Incentive Spirometer. It measures how deeply you can inhale (breathe in). It assists you in taking slow deep breaths to expand and fill the lungs. These reduce the risk for lung problems such as pneumonia. Shipping is available. Call us today.
Foot & Toe Care
Foot and toe discomfort? Check out our wide selection of bunion guards, hammertoe cushions, toe straighteners, arch supports and other foot care products. Shipping is available. Call us today.
Compression Socks
We carry both everyday use and medical grade compression socks. Available in various compression levels, sizes, and styles including over-the-calf, thigh-high, and panty-hose.
Patient Lifts & Hospital Beds
We don't routinely patient lifts in stock but we have sold a number of lifts to satisfied customers and can get you one within a few days of your order.
Nursing Supplies
We have a large selection of Nursing Supplies, for students, EMT’s and nurses. Blood pressure kits, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, penlights, utility and bandage scissors, finger pulse Oximeter’s, and thermometers. Littmann, Prestige, American Diagnostics.
Antivirus Masks
We carry a wide selection of Personal Protection Equipment, Antivirus mask, KN-95, reusable cloth face mask, face shields, gaiters, (youth and adult sizes) head bands, shoe covers, hair covers and gowns. Shipping is available. Call us today.

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